Audition tracks are a very important component to the youth application process and provide

MMA with valuable information.


It helps us determine:

1.     Acceptance to the program.

2.    The appropriate musical track teacher.

3.    The appropriate private lesson teacher.

4.    Choir placement/vocal parts.

5.    “Sing” and liturgy cantor/solo/instrumental duties.


Everyone applying to MMA must submit application tracks containing the appropriate music. This song choices for 2017 auditions are "Lord, You Give the Great Commission" by  Jeffery Rowthorn and Cyril V. Taylor, and Psalm 18/19 "Words of Everlasting Life/Palabras de Vida Eterna" by Tony Alonso.  You may download the MP3 and sheet music files of these songs with permission for the sole purpose of completing your audition. When you complete your audition tracks, your copies of these files must be destroyed. There are also placement vocal exercises that need to be downloaded as well. They will aid us in determining your choir placement and in some cases the vocal part you will be singing.


Music Samples. This year, we are also including mp3 download samples of both of our song choices. Again, these are to be used for the sole purpose of your audition preparation.


 Please take your time and read the following instructions carefully as they apply to you.


You are required to sing to the musical tracks provided at the bottom of this page. There are two vocal exercises for voice placement. There are tracks for both men and women. You should only sing as high and low as is comfortable.


You are also required to sing both "Lord, You Give the Great Commission" and "Words of Everlasting Life" Do not have someone play these pieces, we have done that work for you. Use the sample mp3 files to learn the music if you need to, then download the .mp3 music files that include instructions and a spoken “count in” for ease of use. Please download the PDF Sheet music for your reference. We want each of you to sing the psalm bilingually. This may be new to some, but it is important to make the effort as we continue to grow as a world Church.


Important: Please consider including additional tracks that highlight your gifts, including classical pieces etc. These audition tracks help us to determine soloists for our Festival Sing, so please put forth your best effort.



Please follow the instructions above AND also include a short piece showcasing your skills on each of the instruments named on your application.


All instrumentalists need to include – at the very least – either the vocal exercises or one of the included pieces, purely for vocal placement in our “Sing” choir. Additionally, you will be playing both "Lord, You Give the Great Commission" and "Words of Everlasting Life." Please see the attached PDFs for the instrumental part you should play from. We want this to be as user friendly as possible, so altar your part as needed.


If you are a pianist, download the piano score and play the introduction, verses, and refrains of each of the pieces. Guitarists, you can play your instrument along with the provided musical track or provide your own solo track of "Words of Everlasting Life," as guitarists are not required to play "Lord, You Give the Great Commission."


For all instrumentalists, you can include a short piece to further highlight your gifts.



Follow the instructions above and also include a short piece highlighting your instrumental gifts on each instrument you include on your application.


Follow the instructions above and also include the vocal versions of either"The Summons" and "Our Blessing Cup/El Cáliz que Bendecimos." along with recorded versions of the vocal exercises.


Please follow the instructions above as they apply to you, but also include an audio version of your compositions as additional tracks (this can be just a short sample of each piece).


You must submit two liturgical compositions for this track. The first must be a liturgical setting of Psalm 66. The form should be refrain, verse, etc., like you would experience during liturgy. The second piece can be either a liturgical composition of your choosing or a setting of the Sylvia Dustan text also found below. Appropriate song choices would be a gathering song, psalm, communion song, or song for sending forth.


Compositions must be uploaded along with MP3 versions on the application for admission into this track. Scores must include melody line, text, and piano and/or guitar lead sheets with chords. Choral harmonies would be helpful, but are not required. Include copyright information. Any questions, please contact MMA at


Composer texts can be found on the application and below:

































To save files to your computer, simply click on the score/MP3. When the score/MP3 is displayed click,

"file" and then "save as," and save to your desktop.















"Vocal Exercises for Women 1"

"Vocal Exercises for Women 2"

"Vocal Exercises for Men 1"

"Vocal Exercises for Men 2"

Psalm 19 - Sample (for listening only)

Lord, You Give the Great Commission - Sample (for listening only)

Psalm 19 - Track for your recording

Lord, You Give the Great Commission - Track for your recording




Permission to use these songs has been granted by GIA Publications. Once your application CD is completed, you are required to destroy any copies of the sheet music you made for that purpose. If you would like to purchase full versions of these pieces, please contact GIA directly at