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MMA Youth Track takes place July 25 - 30, 2017, and is open to any youth who will be entering their 10th, 11th, or 12th grade year in high school or their first, second or third year of college and who is presently involved in or is interested in deepening their call as ministers of music in their parish and school communities.


To be considered for acceptance into the youth track requires submission of the application form along with one letter of recommendation, the application essay, and audition tracks.



While we at MMA would like to welcome everyone into the program, acceptance is not guaranteed. Because large numbers of youth apply every year, acceptance into the program is based on MMA receiving your application in a timely fashion, the performance level of your audition recording, the content of your essay form, and your letter of recommendation. Everyone must apply and provide all the required materials with completed applications and fees. If you are not accepted to the program, fees will be refunded in full. 




Each year we request you ask one person to write you a recommendation letter. This should be a person who know your gifts and talents. Your music director, your pastor, your music teacher, or your youth minister would make good choices. Letters from friends, parents (unless they are the leader of your music group), non-liturgical youth leaders, or teachers (other than music or religion teachers) will not be accepted.



Another important aspect of the application process is the writing of your essay. The essay topic changes from year to year, and we ask that you take some time to compose a thoughtful response to the essay prompts. For returning MMA youth participants – sending previous year submissions will not be allowed. We want to know who you are in this moment. For those applying to the Leadership Track, there is an additional, separate essay for you to write for acceptance into this track (see the Daily Track Descriptions page for more information regarding this track).



Audition tracks are an important component of the MMA application and provide useful information for the MMA team regarding each individual’s musical gifts. Everyone – singers and instrumentalists – is required to complete audition tracks. Please see the Audition Guidelines page for detailed information about how to complete these music files.