We believe that young people want to serve, but there are few opportunities for them to explore. We honor the belief that young people are full members of the Church. We seek to promote inclusion and involvement of youth in all areas of liturgical preparations, ministry, leadership, and service. We believe these goals are best accomplished when young people are in an environment with others who have a similar passion for music ministry. We believe these goals can be achieved through formational events, networking, and published resources.



  • Presenting an annual summer institute for high school and college-age students presently involved or interested in serving the Church as liturgical musicians and ministers. This formational program is designed to help educate, affirm, and challenge these young people to grow as individuals. It also includes an adult track component, to help educate and deepen the efforts of adult leaders by providing training and resources to help foster the involvement of young people in the liturgical life of the Church.
  • Providing a network and community of people interested in assisting and supporting liturgical music ministry and the involvement of young people in this area of Church life.
  • Nurturing dialogue and partnerships with national organizations, conferences, and publishers to provide programs, workshops, resources, and other creative events that promote the mission and vision of MMA.


To engage and empower young people to serve as liturgical music leaders in the Church.




Music Ministry Alive! participates in the mission of the Church by teaching and advocating on behalf of young people who have the gifts and desire to serve as musical and liturgical leaders. We believe there is a need to mentor young people through a program that helps shape them as musicians, liturgical ministers, spiritual beings, and leaders. Such apprenticeship is needed from adult leaders to help encourage and empower young people to fully dedicate their gifts throughout their lives.




Music Ministry Alive! embraces 6 foundational elements that serve as the structure and content for the summer program:

  1. We desire to grow as musicians.
  2. We seek to embrace a love and knowledge of the liturgy.
  3. We respond to the call to serve and lead as ministers, centered in Christ.
  4. We listen to God’s voice in prayer and in living the spiritual life.
  5. We long to seek, build, and nurture Christian community.
  6. We hold a passion as disciples to work for justice and peace in the world. 

This holistic approach takes place in the context of community, structured around a daily celebration of Morning Prayer, sessions addressing musical skills, liturgical preparation and leadership, scripture, rehearsals, special events, small group sharing, and evening liturgical celebrations and concerts.