Welcome to the Community of “Music Ministry Alive!”


Music Ministry Alive! began in 1999, and since that inaugural year, we have been in the midst of a most joyful, prophetic, and powerful journey and seeing the young, music-filled Church come alive and continually grow as a source of transformation for the liturgy as sung prayer. Beyond that foundational mission,  MMA is committed in fostering an inter-generational community, nurturing faith and conversion for young people and adults who come to participate, but also for the wider Body of Christ - not only in North America, but to places far beyond. 


We are continually moved each year by the presence of young people who come to MMA not only possessing musical talent as vocalists and instrumentalists, but who also hold a passion for their faith and a commitment to develop a servants’ heart.  All of us certainly know the power that music can bring to our lives, and that power fused together with the commitment toward ministry and prayer leadership, results in a ministry of music filled with integrity and hope, for these times and for the future. 


Each summer we gather together an intentional community of young people, adult leaders, and an amazing and generous team of ministers and teachers, to pray and learn together, and to celebrate the presence of God in our midst and in the ministry of liturgical music.  This summer will be our 19th year of bringing together such a community, and we do so to continue our embracing the call of Pope Francis to observe a Jubilee Year of Mercy, which last year we celebrated with our theme –   “With the Eyes of Mercy.” 

Recently, a ministry colleague of mine received a phone call from a woman who basically asked, “well, ‘mercy’ was the Pope’s theme last year - so now what do we do?  What is the new ‘theme’ for THIS year?” Well, friends - the year of mercy was more than a theme - this is the very call of discipleship!  The “theme” of mercy has not ended - it never ends!  This year at MMA, we are challenged to take this very seriously, and so we will celebrate, sing, pray and cry out with the same call to mercy, with our theme

“God Never Tires.”  


God never tires of showering mercy.  God never tires in calling us all to live, pray and celebrate, surrounded by the ongoing and daily invitation for mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration.  God never tires in revealing this most precious gift to us - and so we too, are commanded to never tire in our reaching out to sisters and brothers everywhere, to be a welcoming and embracing Church - the Body of Christ who never relents in announcing this mercy.  God never tires.  And we too, must never tire while on this journey.  So this year, we are excited, but with a sense of humility and purpose who sing “God Never Tires!” 

As you explore this website, you will soon come to discover that MMA is not just a “church music camp.”  It is a holistic and ecumenical program for Roman Catholic and Protestant young people (and adult leaders as well), grounded in the transformative power of quality liturgy and common prayer; dedicated to deepening the musical, leadership, liturgical and spiritual sensitivities necessary to participate in pastoral music ministry filled with integrity – all celebrating the witness of many young people from across the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world – who desire God to be at the center of their ministry, and who ache to grow as God’s children, God’s beloved, God’s agents of mercy. 


Our motto is that MMA is dedicated to “foster the growth of young pastoral musicians, one saint at a time.” So welcome!  We hope that you will consider joining us this summer on the beautiful campus of St. Catherine University, here in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Take some time to journey through this website, to discover the blessing of MMA.  Get to know us, and spread the news of this program, this experience that gathers together saints – saints that never tire in our cause, to sing our prayer toward reveling in the glory of God.


David Haas

Founder and Executive Director