Join us as MMA celebrates 18


MMA Alums - we invite you to take your place in the MMA family by joining the MMA Alumni Association. Simply fill out the form on the bottom of this page to join. Let us know how you are, where you are, and all you’ve been up to! We will provide you with details about upcoming events and how you can support and give back to MMA!

MISSION: The Alumni Association strengthens and supports the mission of Music Ministry Alive! through prayer, advocacy, mentorship, and the contribution of resources.


VISION: The Alumni Association continues the spiritual and ministerial formation of program participants begun at MMA, advocates for young people in the Church, and works to ensure the future success of the program for generations to come.


STAY CONNECTED: Check out our MMA Facebook community.

PARTNER WITH US: As former participants in the MMA program, you know what it takes to bring MMA to the young Church. We invite you to partner with us so that this program can continue to be a special experience for young people. Please consider donating to the cause. Click here for more details.

Can't remember what year(s) you attended MMA? Check out the years and associated t-shirt colors below:

1999 (White)       

2000 (Blue)

2001 (Teal)

2002 (Red)

2003 (Yellow)

2004 (Blue)

2005 (Purple)

2006 (Turquoise)

2007 (Black)

2008 (Neon Green)

2009 (Purple)

2010 (Red)

2011 (Black)

2012 (Yellow)

2013 (Tie-Dye)

2014 (Sky Blue)

2015 (Maroon)