MMA believes that young people need adult mentors and leaders who are committed to their success. Intentional collaboration among music directors, youth ministers, teachers, pastors, and parents is vital for fostering adult leadership that likewise contributes to the development of youth involvement in ministry. The MMA Adult Track seeks to create an environment that allows for such interaction and growth to occur.


Adult Track is open to parish music and youth ministers, liturgists, pastors, music and religion teachers, catechists, campus ministers, volunteers, and all who mentor, guide, and form youth ministry leadership roles. Participants in the adult track are not required to be musicians themselves, but there must be at least one youth applicant from your community attending MMA. There is no musical audition required for adult track participants, and there is no limit to how many adult track applicants can be considered from your community. Adult Track participants are not meant to be chaperones for the youth participants; rather, they attend MMA alongside youth, fully experiencing the program themselves.

Come together to grow and celebrate with talented youth from across the country and beyond! Learn and share with your colleagues in music ministry, liturgy, theology, and youth ministry!

Adult Track has sessions both separate from and together with the youth participants, focusing particularly on theological and ministerial developments, strategies for effective music ministry programs, and background, support, formation, and strategies to more authentically welcome, involve, and nurture youth in the liturgical and musical ministries of the Church.


In addition to daily prayer, concert events, workshops, and general sessions, topics and sessions for the adult track include:

  • Theology and Scripture
  • Musical, Liturgical, and Catechetical Resources
  • Repertoire Sessions with Free Samples
  • Skill Sessions for Vocalists, Keyboardists, and Guitarists
  • Rehearsal Techniques
  • Mentoring Young People for Ministry
  • Models of the Liturgy
  • Liturgical Preparation and Planning
  • Pastoral and Spiritual Issues with Youth
  • Ministry Development and Reflection

The adult track faculty for 2017 includes Fr. Paul Turner, Bill Hue bach  David Haas, Marty Haugen,  Kate Cuddy, Zack Stachowski and more.