Q: Do I have to be a musician to attend MMA as an adult track participant?

No. The adult track participants include parish music directors, liturgy coordinators, pastors, campus ministers, religion teachers, youth ministers, parents, and volunteers. While some are musicians, it is not a requirement.


Q: What are the basic requirements / prerequisites for applying to the adult track?

You must have at least one youth participant attending from your community and you must include the application essay when you apply. 


Q: Can more than one adult attend from our community?

Yes. Sometimes 2-3 participants come from one parish.


Q: Are we required to stay on campus?

No, you are not required (as the youth participants are) to live on campus during the week, although the majority of adults choose to do so because the schedule is not commuter friendly. Additionally, the adult track forms community with each other, and living together on campus only enriches the experience. The rate for staying in the dorm is far cheaper than a hotel, but there are places listed in the application materials if you decide to commute.

What follows are some of the most common questions asked about Music Ministry Alive! Adult Track. If you still have questions after reading the following, do not hesitate to contact us at musicministryalive@gmail.com. After acceptance, both youth and adult participants will receive more detailed information to help them prepare for the MMA experience.

Q: Am I expected to be a chaperone for the youth participant(s) coming from my community?

No. Once you arrive, we want you to be free of that responsibility. We have a tremendous team of youth ministers and dorm counselors who will be responsible for any issues that may arise with youth participants. While you will be checking in with your youth participants and sharing meals, liturgies, and other sessions with them, we want the adult track experience to truly be for YOU.


Q: What kinds of things happen with the adult track? Are our sessions together or separate from the young people?

The content of the adult track is based on the belief that the best way we can serve our young people is to be fulfilled ourselves. The adult track has daily sessions in theology, scripture, liturgical and musical planning, and leadership, as well as special sessions in ministry leadership, repertoire, and musical skills. Many of these sessions are separate from those attended by youth. There will be certain sessions attended together with the youth participants, and the daily rhythm of prayer and liturgical celebration is celebrated as a combined group.